There is no ideal betting system and the Fibonacci is not, but players can consider some important aspects of this system before choosing to use it to play roulette. First and foremost the direction and why change is halted is important to consider. mmc996 malaysia The Fibonacci series could easily end with only some winning wagering, as do other schemes that appear to have an infinite period of time, or before the player chooses (or with a few losing ones in the reverse variation). This is because the law returns two phases in each winning series (or lose if we prefer the Reverse Fibonacci).

The risk of large losses and finding solutions to avoid them was another thing to take into consideration when implementing this method. Roulette players well know that longer losing streaks are true – as real as long winning streaks, and because the bet in the Fibonacci scheme grows at a very steep pace the risk is that one will lose one’s bankroll in 7-8 spins or even more. This is why players should restrict their development and, where possible, minimise defeats.

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Many professional players suggest that the Fibonacci series should not be played in any more than 6 or 7 steps – 8 are the sixth number, whereas 7 are 13. If the original bet is $1, it’s not a major deal even 10 losing spins in a row. If we choose $5 as our standard betting device for the system, but we will lose $270 in 8 rotations, $440 in 9 rotations and $715 in 10 losing rounds. This is why most players prefer to stop the advance if they fail more than 6 bets consecutively.

Casino Plan for Fibonacci

The number of Fibonacci is a fascinating number group and is undoubtedly worth studying in mathematics or natural studies. But they might not be as helpful for gambling as some players like. The betting method based on these slightly universal statistics provides its advantages and defects that need to be settled carefully.


Casino, Poker, Ace, Map, Card GameThe Fibonacci strategy is particularly violent relative to other betting methods – each bet is elevated fast and can lead to catastrophic loses. Around the same time, if used for low stakes and with shorter times, the device might be very stable and efficient. In the long term, it ultimately amounts to a net loss, since the roulette game is generally advantageous to the casino rather than to the players. As long as players limit their play to no more than 7 or 8 stages, they must be able to make respectable profits and reduce losses.

Simple to follow

The Fibonacci scheme is very plain to understand and quick to navigate, considering the somewhat confusing look at first glance. Players typically recall their first ten to 15 series numbers – however, for most players fifteen steps are too long. You can also quickly determine how long you can be in the first 10 measures each of the following figures. The higher you advance across the Fibonacci staircase, the higher you bet, the greater your loses.


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