Online Casinos


Given below are four tips and tricks to help survive on online casinos.

Stop The Bleeding

Try to set logical limits that are not too far-fetched. Do not try to play until you are on your last dollar. Successful gambling weighs in on the player’s ability to control their impulses and adequately manage their bankroll. Setting limits on how much the player is able to risk for the day is quite the useful tool to help develop discipline and serve to protect them from being totally wiped out during a terrible run of luck. Most experts set their loss limit to 50% of their bankroll. Even though this may be too high to some players, 50% is actually comfortable, allowing them to walk away with a sizable portion of their money still safe and intact.


Have A Clear Goal

The primary aim of gambling is to win money. However, such a broad identification of the game can be counterproductive in the setting of a casino floor. There is no prescribed limit as to what is enough. For example, if you start with $100 and win up to $600, how much of that winning amount should you continue to put at risk? If you lose half of that, should you leave with the remaining profit intact, or try and win back what you used to have? These are questions that bug the layers a lot.

Most players are ahead at some point in time while they play. The problem lies in their understanding of when to quit. They keep playing out of a desire to win more, and this is where they start losing. Merely wanting to win money is not good enough a goal. Outline your plans for any gambling session, be specific about what you are trying to achieve and do your best to reach it. However, make sure that these goals are realistically achievable, based on both your skill level as well as your bankroll. If you are a player starting out with a substantial $1,000 bankroll, try to preferably win 30%, which approximately amounts to $300. However, beginners should consider a lower profit rate of 10 to 20%.

Pay Heed To The Payout Percentage

Most reputable gambling websites allow players to go through the payout percentage history. Even though the usefulness of this is limited to games where skill plays a vital factor, such percentages from chance-based games like slots offer players a peek into what type of game they will be playing and how much it can potentially cost them.

Don’t Chase Comps

Online Casinos

Unlike traditional land-based casinos where comps involve rooms, cash, entertainment, drinks and food, online casinos are limited to one crucial entity: free money. However, even though comps can be considered an easy way into boosting your bankroll, do not let it affect your judgement.